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11 Dec
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Why You Should Let an SEO Company in DC Build Links!

Think all links are good for business? Think again. An SEO company in Washington DC can help you build links that will help your online marketing, not hinder it. A bad link can ruin your online marketing progress overnight, where as a good link can give your website a huge boost. This is why links are so gratifying, but used unwisely, bad links can have adverse side effects on your SEO. Saying “no” to any link can seem counterintuitive for someone trying to strategize his or her SEO. So what defines a bad link? JackMyRep, Washington DC SEO company, can explain.

Washington DC SEO: A link from a site that is irrelevant is a bad link.

Getting links from websites that may have a low domain authority is all well and fine, but acquiring links that don’t have any relevance to your website is not a good move. Likewise, any links to websites that just lack overall content, general function or premise is also a bad link. Only links to websites with legitimate purpose can help your SEO. A Washington DC SEO company like JackMyRep can make sure all of your links are built to the most relevant content.

Even if it’s a strong authority website, it’s a bad link if its not applicable.

Don’t confuse popularity with strong SEO possibilities. A link to a major website such as a popular newspaper or educational site doesn’t mean it will help you. If the page you are linking to has nothing to do with the content you are pushing, even a link to a popular site will not help your SEO. Relevance wins over popularity, always.

Any link that is misleading is a bad link.

This is the oldest trick in the book — prompting people to click on links based on keywords unrelated. If you are using links that are misleading the consumer or any web user, the result will not only be an irritated consumer, but also a bad reputation and an SEO fail. Consulting with an SEO company in Washington DC like JackMyRep can make sure you aren’t using any bogus links unintentionally.

Links coming to you from spam sites are bad links.

So you got some great content up on your website and people are sharing and liking and hmmm hawing all over it. If a spam site or some other wacky site links back to your content, it could hurt you in the end. Spam sites kill credibility, and are all-around irritating for everyone. Make sure you kill the link fast by disavowing the link or asking for it to be removed.

An SEO company in Washington DC, can help you avoid all of these headaches from the get-go. Good links can be very powerful in your online marketing SEO campaign, which is why links are a popular SEO strategy tool. Ignoring a bad link to or from your website can have unwelcome consequences.