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17 May
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How to Choose an Online Reviewing Platform

If you are the proud owner of a Washington DC online business, you know how important but time consuming it is collecting online reviews. This process can be made significantly easier, however, with the right online reviewing platform. A reliable and popular online reviewing platform is key to online reputation management in Washington DC). When you combine quality online reviews with a stellar SEO campaign and website design for your Washington DC business you are sure to reach the most potential consumers. When choosing a reviewing platform for your online business, there are many factors to consider. As you research and find the best platform for your business, here are five questions to consider:

  1. Are the merchants allowed to answer or comment on reviews? While we all hope for excellent reviews on our services and products, a negative review can also be a golden opportunity to showcase your superb customer service. When you, as a merchant, have the chance to respond directly to a negative online review, you have the chance to dispel misconceptions about your company, rectify errors and, most importantly show your consumers that you listen. A timely and thoughtful online response shows that you value your consumers’ experience.
  2. Can I be certain my reviews are coming from genuine customers? The internet allows many to express their sentiments, however, the danger here is that a competitor site can easily pose as a consumer and anonymously post a negative review of your business. We’ve addressed previously how suspicious online reviews can hurt a business. When choosing an online reviewing platform, ensure that the site has security features in place to prevent fraudulent review posting. Newer platforms are often concerned with gaining as many reviews as possible to build their sites and often lack these filters. Be sure to enquire about them when selecting your online review platform.
  3. Can I collect reviews easily and does the provider offer additional resources and training? Your online reviewing platform may offer many wonderful features, but how accessible are they? If you are spending hours installing features and learning how to use them, be sure they are worth the time investment and that you will have adequate technology support from the platform’s providers.
  4. Can I distribute my reviews to other search engines and social media platforms? Get a clear answer from your vendor to this question. The more high profile sites that feature your positive reviews, the better. Social media is especially helpful because consumers trust online reviews from their friends and acquaintances more than unknown online reviewers.
  5. 5.   Will my review platform exhibit real business benefits? If a customer is unsure about a purchase, a well-placed review can make all the difference. 70% of consumers trust an online review even if they have never met the reviewer, and conversion rates can increase up to 58% when online retailers place a review widget on the checkout page of their sites.

When managing your online reputation, it is best to trust your online reviews to a widely known and reputable platform. Here at Matador Solutions, we work with trusted online review sites such as and our Washington DC office to learn more about our Search Engine Optimization, website development and online reputation management services. Remember, if you don’t control your brand, someone else will.