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19 Jun
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3 Tips to Increase Your Google Ranking

We all understand why it is important to gain access to the real estate that exists on the first page of a Google search for our respective industries. But how do we get into that space, and get in front of our audience? By now, I’m sure we all understand that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is our front row ticket. Here are three easy tips to increase your Google rankings:

1. Using the right keywords is, well, key.

A keyword can be defined as the word or phrase you would expect your audience to plug into a search engine in order to find your content. A mistake often made by websites is the use of the wrong keywords. Deborah L. Jacobs, writer for, notes that, “Often business target broad, high-volume keywords that convert well, instead of ranking keywords based on multiples of volume, competitiveness and conversion rate.” This balance is important to strike in your site content, if you want to increase Google ranking. A best practice would be to focus on one subject per page, sticking to one keyword or phrase to shape the page around. Be clear in your writing, and speak naturally.

One thing Google looks for in webpages to catalog is the density of the keywords used, or how often a phrase appears in your content. It is important to strike a balance in the density of keyword usage and not “overdo it;” a page with a “spammy” feel can be detected by Google, and in some cases, your webpage can be banned from the search engine results. But a natural flow in your content that is rich in keyword and phrase usage can be the best way to increase your Google ranking.

2. Google loves links. Although the content on your page is important in Google ranking, links might be even more important. Creating relationships, through guest blogging or joining industry associations and relevant directories, allows a chance to backlink to your website. This will improve your ranking with Google, especially if these links are on other relevant sites with proven authority. It’s the World Wide Web, after all — get connected with other high ranking sites.

3. Keep your content fresh.
The more often your content is updated, the more important Google will consider your website. This is why many websites include blogs, which are updated regularly, in their efforts to increase Google rankings. According to Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, and contributor to, “With every blog post, you have another chance at ranking for new search terms, so each article increases the odds of your site being found.” One great way to do this is to create “evergreen” post. These posts should be rich in content that will be useful for a decade, rather than trendy for a few weeks at best, and will continue to drive traffic to your site for the next 10 years.