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23 Jul
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Internet Marketing in DC is for Small Businesses Too!

Internet marketing in the DC area has become an area where businesses tend to tread lightly instead of heavily investing. Many small business owners have a hard time coming to the conclusion that Internet marketing is something they need to start now and not once they’ve become an “established” business. The truth is, the best time to start your local Internet marketing push is today.

Why Should I Choose A DC Internet Marketing Agency?

Selecting a local vendor will benefit your Internet marketing or DC SEO campaign because the agency will know the Washington, DC area well. A vendor outside of the DC area won’t know that locals search for businesses in neighborhoods like Adam’s Morgan and Logan Circle as well as businesses near metro stops like NoMa and Woodley Park. Local marketers know the lay of the land, so finding a DC-based SEO will give your campaign a big advantage if you want to be found online in the District of Columbia or the surrounding area.

How Has SEO Become More Affordable?

The top DC SEO agencies have developed comprehensive search engine optimization campaigns that are almost guaranteed to increase traffic, leads, and revenue. It’s difficult for even the best SEO campaigns to show a significant return on investment within the first 6 months, but 12-18 months into a campaign, some clients of these agencies show in revenue increases that pay for their SEO campaigns four or five times over. If affordable means making more money than you’re spending, investing in an SEO campaign is really a no-brainer.

How Do I Find The Best Bang For My Buck In DC?

It’s important to vet your potential agencies carefully. Be careful for vendors who offer a price that is “too good to be true.” Some vendors slash their prices to run campaigns that don’t provide you with essentials like building a strong backlink profile or helping you produce new content for your site. Here’s a short list of what should be involved in your SEO campaign.

  • Website SEO Audit
  • Keyword Analysis
  • On-Page SEO (page titles, meta data, localization, etc)
  • Local DC SEO (Google Places, Local Directories, etc)
  • Localized Website Rank Tracking (including website traffic, call tracking, etc)
  • Content Production (blog posts, interior pages)
  • Backlink Campaign (getting links from authoritative sites)
  • Website Conversion Optimization (website heatmapping, user testing, etc)

This is just a start, but all the best DC Internet Marketers will provide these basic services. Don’t take a chance when it comes to your Washington, DC business’ online reputation – promote yourself today and help your company grow in the future!