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Matador Solutions March 26, 2018 No Comments

Keyword Density, Outbound Links, and Court Decisions

Here is a quick update on some of the industry and internal Consortium happenings:

  1. Keyword Density: We have some good news which will help clean up the funky SEO writing! Google is utilizing machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence, to better comprehend written content. This means the bots are increasingly able to understand the meaning of an SEO article contextually, so exact keyword matches are becoming less and less important. In plain terms, this means that we may be able to write in way that makes more sense, worrying less about keywords density. (Note: what Google says it does, and what it actually does, are often different things.) 
  2. Outbound Links: In the past few months, we’ve seen a few sites posting outbound links without vetting them first. This means that you may post a blog on your site, and have an outbound link. This can cause a major problem for your SEO. So, if you post any blogs or anything on your site itself, please DON’T include an outbound link without running it by us. This can dilute your “link juice” which will impact your rankings. 
  3. Court Decisions: With the input of a member, we have identified a great way to get new, original content for your site that’s relevant and interesting to clients, and easy to write. Take recent court decisions, state or federal, and comment on them. We recommend using about 400-500 words from the decision itself plus about 400-500 words of your own commentary, resulting in an 800-1000 word blog post. These can be sent over to Matador for publishing or published on your own as a blog post. If you do decide to publish on your own, please send us the link so we can properly optimize the post.