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15 Jul
Matador Solutions July 15, 2014 No Comments

Five Ways to Increase Your Google Ranking and Grow Your Business

The way we see it at Matador Solutions, to increase your Google ranking, you must first and foremost have an effective search engine optimization campaign. There are five parts in our strategy to increase Google rankings: keyword research, content creation, backlinking, positive press, social media, and a continual effort to improve rankings.

Keywords Research

Keywords are an important factor in increasing rankings, because keywords and key phrases are what your target market will search in Google to find you. This requires an understanding of your target market, and of the answers that they need, so that you can optimize your website to answer their questions. It is also important to rank for searches that have a high monthly search volume, but have limited competition. Our biggest focus, though, is on keywords associated with conversions, so that your company can see revenue.

Content Creation

Content is the implementation of the knowledge gathered from keyword research, and a primary way for optimization to be achieved. If your website is rich in keywords, and provides value to your target market when you are found, it is easier for Google to translate, which will increase your rankings. But you can’t simply fill your site with keywords; genuine value must be conveyed, so that your target market’s questions are answered. This will increase the likelihood of your website traffic (which will, in turn, increase when you increase your Google ranking) turning into conversions, so that you see a revenue. We like to strike a balance between these two forces – optimization and valuable content creation – all the while ensuring that your site is as easy to find, and easy to read to Google, to increase your ranking.

Positive Press

Word of mouth is still the most trusted marketing technique, and positive press has a better effect than paid advertising. We go out of our way to form strong relationships with reporters who are excited to hear about your business. With favorable media that you earn for your business – by being the best in your industry, as we trust that you are – you can also earn links back to your website, which will increase your Google rankings, and also help your conversion rates.

Social Media

Everyone has a social media page these days; whether they get any use or not seems beside the point. However, there is some power to be harvested from a strong social presence in your efforts to increase Google rankings. These platforms are perfect for sharing the value in your website content. The websites we create are designed to automatically push blog posts to social media sites, like Facebook. Efforts here can also provide opportunities for brand building, and the positive press mentioned above.

Lastly, Keep Up the Effort

This isn’t just a 4 step plan to forever increase your Google rankings; this is a continual process. Staying at the top requires persistence in all of these areas. We like to meet with our SEO clients once a month to review the results of our efforts to increase their rankings on Google, which includes changing keyword strategies, improving content optimization, etc. Because Google rankings are ever-changing, our methods must be ever-evolving to continue to increase Google rankings.