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14 Feb
Matador Solutions February 14, 2014 No Comments

How To Attract Customers: Get More Business Like Watchfinder

How to attract new customers: this is the age old question, isn’t it? Businesses that have a strong base of loyal customers and ways to attract new ones will thrive. Those businesses that have trouble with either of the above had better get scrappy and find a way to attain both.

Watchfinder, a British retailer of used luxury watches, has seen some remarkable success in answering the question of exactly how to attract customers (who will BUY from you) through tactical search engine optimization and Google Analytics mastery.

Part of search engine optimization is conversion; that’s getting visitors who come to your site to engage with your product or service and actually end up making a purchase. Prior to their Google Analytics remarketing effort, Watchfinder was seeing less than 1% of website visitors making purchases on their first visit. Because their average order value was £3,500, they weren’t necessarily in bad shape; the problem was, they were allowing a lot of potential buyers to leave the website without making a purchase.

Watchfinder was attracting customers, but their real problem was attracting customers who were more likely to make purchases.

By doing a diving deep into Google Analytics, they were able to find valuable information about exactly how to attract customers of true value to the company. Watchfinder found that specific internet service providers in the London financial district provided traffic to their website that was far more engaged and purchase at a far higher rate than the average site visitor. As a result, they were able to design segments of interest to banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan to further engage with financial professionals.

With the additional help of targeted ads to specific buyers in different locations, Watchfinder has reported that the return on their investment on this SEO and advertising initiative has been 1300%. By targeting a more engaged segment in the London financial markets, Watchfinder was able to increase the average order value on it’s website by 13%.

That’s how to attract customers. Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management can help your brand stand out and be found online. If your site isn’t being visited by those who are going to pay you money for your goods or services, then you’re wasting time. Google Analytics is a strong tool, and its power is wasted by many. It’s up to you whether you want to find your best customers when they’re already searching for you.