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  Hi All, As you are likely aware from our previous updates, security breaches and malware are increasing year over year. The pandemic caused virtual attacks to surge even more, with Microsoft noting at the start of the pandemic that attacks increased eleven times over ( One particular type of attack is known as ransomware. […]

Review Match Beta Test

  All, It has become clear both through industry trends and Google’s own statements that Google My Business and local ads are increasingly becoming more important. The local ads (the ads that appear as map listings within the search results) algorithm is slightly different from that of the organic search results, with reviews playing a […]

Malware Critical Update

  All, As a follow-up to my September 4 email regarding a WordPress automatic update, I wanted to alert you all to potential malware attacks. As mentioned previously, WordPress automatically updated to version 5.5, which caused conflicts with certain plugins. Conflicts allow for vulnerabilities to arise as the plugins update security to match the new […]

PHP 7.4 Automatic Updates

All, A new PHP version has recently been released and is rolling out automatically on WordPress sites. Without getting bogged down in the technical details too heavily, this new version does not support htaccess, which is therefore going to cause certain redirected URLs to no longer redirect properly. However, if sites stay on or revert […]