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Matador Solutions March 30, 2021 No Comments

New Strategies with the Content Algorithm

As always, Google’s algorithm is evolving in an attempt to make sure the most relevant content to a searcher’s query ends up at the top of the search results. Lately, Google has shown a preference for content pages that are highly distinct from each other. That means that content pages that are too similar to one another are becoming a much less favorable strategy when it comes to rankings. This diverges from previous best practices, where variations of content were preferred.

In light of this, we are reviewing published content pages and restructuring/canonicalizing to match the latest industry best practices. As this strategy is highly individualized to certain sites and highly reliant on rankings (we don’t want to shake up too much where keywords are ranking very well), we will be making note in monthly calls of the strategy being implemented and what this means for you specifically.

Additionally, moving forward to address this algorithmic pivot, we will utilize your monthly content to increase words per page, as well as focusing on more FAQ/query related content.