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Matador Solutions September 26, 2013 No Comments

Online Reputation Management: “Do My Google Results Matter?”

With over one-third of customers finding local businesses using the Internet, Online Reputation Management is essential to attract new business in today’s competitive market. With so many businesses, organizations, and companies fighting for new customers, you need to be visible for people who are in search of your services as well as be an appealing destination. Whether you’re a physician, restaurant, hotel or retail store, potential customers are searching for you and your businesses specifically online. Let’s review why this is so important, and how it can easily increase the foot-traffic in your establishment if your online reputation is managed correctly.

People Decided To Search For You

This is the one most people just don’t process, so let’s tackle it right away. “Googlers” don’t know it at the time, but these searchers have already chosen to purchase your product or service as long as you don’t give them a reason not to. If somebody is searching you specifically, you’ve already made the Finals in their selection process. There are only two reasons at this point why they would not elect to give you their business:

  • They saw one or multiple negative reviews or unattractive page-1 Google content that made them turn to one of your competitors
  • They saw more appealing reviews or page-1 Google content when searching for one of your competitors and decided to go with them

With the right online reputation management partner, this is business you can win. Online reputation management firms provide authentic review posting, professional website creation, and more control of page-1 of Google so you become the top runner when people search for you and your competition.

Search Volume Speaks Volumes

Let’s say, for example, that 20 searches are made for Dr. Jack StrongRrep and his practice specifically every month. This is extremely significant because potential patients in search of a new physician are making most of those searches!

If Dr. StrongRep doesn’t implement strong online reputation management and has visible negative content on page-1 of Google for the search “Dr. Jack StrongRep”, he probably won’t attract any new patients online.

On the other hand, if Dr. StrongRep engages in a strong online reputation management campaign, the first page of Google for the search, “Dr. Jack StrongRep” will contain an appealing website, multiple personal minisites, a blog for his practice, multiple social media channels, and a variety of glowing reviews from patients. If Dr. StrongRep attracts only half of the 20 patients who search for him every month, that’s 120 new patients in just one year!

The number of people who search for you and what they see on page-1 of search engines are and forever will be interconnected. The number of people who search for you or your business specifically could be huge, but if they don’t like what they see, they won’t choose to engage with you. Most customers won’t pick somebody based on an online search if they can find somebody better. But if you engage in online reputation management and are able to appeal to all those who search for you, there’s no doubt you will bring in more business and revenue.