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Matador Solutions September 2, 2013 No Comments

Online Reputation Management Companies: 3 Promises to Avoid

Online reputation management companies have entered into a relatively new space. Agencies that offer online reputation management services have grown in popularity with the realization that positive online reviews and press lead to significant new business (and vice versa). Although many agencies offer services that sound appealing, many make empty promises that lead to little improvement in how an individual or a business looks online to potential customers.

This shouldn’t dissuade you from doing your research and investing in a firm to handle your online rep; just make sure you find one that won’t over promise and under deliver. Start by avoiding these three empty promises.

Removing Negative Reviews – We’ll Take Care Of Them All!

While it’s true that negative press or reviews can be taken down if you take the proper steps, it is far from guaranteed. Review sites can be especially difficult to deal with when asking to have content related to you or your business removed. Better to find a company that helps promote your business positively over time to suppress the negative than make promises to remove negative content immediately.

You’ll Look Great Within A Week!

Online reputation management firms who promise such speedy delivery of online rep quality and stability are always blowing steam. Offer true online reputation management means taking the time to create websites with quality content and creating a system that works specifically for your business. Again, you’d be better off investing in a company that will take the time to produce an enduring solution for you instead of a “Band-Aid” that’s bound to fall off.

We Can Protect You Without Legal Support!

Legal support is essential for collecting and posting online reviews and testimonials. You want everyone to see reviews from your most satisfied customers/clients/patients, but not if they didn’t give you permission to post them! Only hire online reputation management help if the company partners with a law firm – this will ensure that all the legal language is in place to help you collect and post reviews without legal recourse. Investing in an agency without a law firm partnership is ill advised.

If you can find an online reputation management company that won’t make any of the above three promises, your chances of permanently improving your online rep will improve drastically. Before making any final decisions, make sure you’ve always asked these three questions:

1. Would you remove all of my negative online reviews?
2. How long would it take for my online reputation to start to show improvements?
3. How do you know that all the services you would provide for me are legally secure?

If they answer even one incorrectly, then continue your search for the right agency. When you look great online, you’ll be so glad that you did. Feel free to see Matador Solutions, read more blog posts, or sign up for a webinar.