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4 Aug
Matador Solutions August 4, 2015 No Comments

Online Libel And How To Handle It: Reputation Management

A major lawsuit is highlighting DC online reputation management as a necessity for modern-day businesses yet again. This time the Link Corporation, a construction company in Palo Alto, California is at the center. The link corporation is filing a libel lawsuit against the parties that posted eight negative reviews, which they claim have caused significant harm to their business. The strange part of the case? The defendant(s) in the case is anonymous. On a recent Reddit post, a man claiming to be Link Corporation’s owner claims the posts all came from one person and that he knows who the person is. Unfortunately, as of now, Link Corporation is unable to prove the defendant’s identity in the court of law. Link corporation is asking for $1,000,000 in damages per review, or $8,000,000 in total.

It appears that Yelp, the popular review platform where the negative reviews appeared, has already taken action and removed the libelous reviews from their site. Link corporation’s hope is that the lawsuit will unmask the reviewers’ identities, and prevent similar problems from arising again. The company could spend years and high fees in litigation and without ever proving the defendants’ true identities. For this reason, it is important to be proactive about online reputation management and take control of negative reviews before they do millions of dollars’ worth of damage to a business’ reputation.

At our Washington, DC online reputation management company, we believe in responding to negative reviews as quickly as possible to maximize damage control. We also believe, as they say, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and ensure that only positive reviews are emphasized when potential clients search your business. We implement a three-point-system of Web design, SEO, and online reputation management in Washington, DC, to dominate the conversation around your business. With our review posting campaigns and specially designed reputation minisites, we are able to emphasize the positive reviews around your business, before others cause damage to your name, costing you valuable business.

Though we are based in the Washington DC metro area, we offer our online reputation management services across the country, including California, where the link corporation is based.

We certainly do not wish to see a business suffer and get tied up in litigation due to harsh online reviews, and we hope that you will be proactive in your online reputation management in Washington DC and wherever else your business may reach. Remember, if you don’t control your brand, somebody else will. Consult with Matador Solutions today and see how we can help protect, control, and build your presence online.