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16 Aug
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Increasing Organic Traffic To Your Law Firm’s Website Has Never Been Easier

Creating a stronger Internet presence is something that many law firms strive for in today’s digitally driven world. However, when the day is filled with case files, responding to clients’ needs, and preparing for court, it is all too easy to forget about tracking your law firm’s organic traffic. Instead of relying solely on paid advertising opportunities, you can implement a few strategic tips that will help to increase your site’s organic traffic.

7 Simple Ways To Boost Organic Traffic To Your Law Firm

Whether you are interested in attracting new clients, want to spread the word about your latest court case, or need to attract new lawyers to your firm, the following tips can help you to increase organic web traffic.

Tip #1: Create a new page on your website. — While law firms are a bit limited in what they can legally publish online, there is plenty of content that you can create to bolster your organic traffic. By creating one new page every month you can boost your SEO footprint, reach a wider audience, and begin to achieve the digital results that you desire.

Tip #2: Avoid duplicate content. — Search engines often view duplicate website content as “spam.” To avoid being penalized for duplicate site content, make sure that you remove any content that is too similar. Using a copyscape tool is a simple way to check that you don’t have duplicate content on your site.

Tip #3: Start a guest blogging campaign. — Did you know that content marketing typically costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing? For a reduced advertising cost you can also generate up to three times as many leads with a strategically executed content marketing campaign. Guest blogging is a great way to reach a wider audience, while simultaneously boosting organic traffic by including links to your law firm’s site.

Tip #4: Go mobile with SMS messages and error-free sites. — If you want to increase your organic traffic through a better SEO rank, then you need to ensure that your mobile and desktop sites are error free. Use Google Webmasters Tools to look for and correct any broken links. When checking for broken links, be sure to double-check that you have a valid phone number associated with your site. The listed phone number should be enabled for text messages and calls, so that subscribers can immediately determine how they want to communicate with your firm.

Tip #5: Don’t forget about the high impact of social media. — A reported 91 percent of mobile Internet access is designated for social media activities. If you want to increase organic website traffic, then you need to place your site in high-visibility access points. To do this, create social media posts that drive readers back to your website. Be sure to drive site visitors to relevant site content that will not only benefit them, but also encourage them to take action by calling, emailing, texting, or subscribing to mobile marketing updates.

Tip #6: Make images work for you. — Website images might improve the user experience, however, website images without the appropriate alt tags do little for your site’s SEO. Use keyword-driven alt tags to help search engines better categorize the images on your site; in this way, then your site can also appear in relevant image searches.

Tip #7: Combine multi-media marketing channels to push people towards your site. — One of the easiest ways to boost organic traffic is to leverage the power of multi-media marketing channels. To implement this strategy you will need to create content that is both current and shareable. Make sure that you know where your audience will share your content before you publish it. For example, many lawyers and legal professionals are more likely to share industry-related news via email or LinkedIn, then they are via Instagram.

Through these seven simple tips you can easily increase your law firm’s organic traffic. Be sure to track your results so that you can customize your tactics to achieve the optimal results.

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