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28 Mar
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How To Increase Your Google Ranking: Deliver Authoritative Content Regularly

Your Google rankings for a specific term or a group of keywords help to determine how much search traffic you can drive to your website. This is how you find new business, although really it’s how you allow new business to find you.

The real question is how to increase your Google rankings for specific phrases related to the services or products you provide. We’re talking about search engine optimization, but one strategy should be at the core of your SEO campaign if you want to truly increase your rankings in search engine results and drive meaningful traffic to your business.

Deliver Authoritative Content Regularly

The quality of the content you publish online and the consistency with which you publish said content is highly correlated with better rankings. No matter your industry, you want your website to be filled with information that is truly helpful to those searching for your products or services. Yes, there are many other factors that will help you to increase your Google ranking, but providing premium content regularly should be your focus. Here’s why this strategy works:

1. Google Will Like You

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo actually favor sites that publish content more frequently. When Google sees a website that pushes out a new page once per month, it sees a site that isn’t engaged with its audience and isn’t prioritizing providing current information. However, a site that publishes new blog posts once (or more) per day is in Google’s sweetspot. Google likes businesses that provide the most current information consistently and without fail.

This will not only cause Google to look upon your site favorably, but search engines will actually crawl your website more frequently because they will begin to consider your business an online authority in your industry. The more frequently you post, the more often your website will get crawled, meaning more potential to increase your Google ranking.

2. You’ll Drive More Traffic

Whether you’re a vending machine company or a plastic surgeon, creating easily digestible and helpful content for those interested in your products or services should be your goal. This will result in your website’s visitors staying for a longer duration of time, making them more likely to investigate other pages instead of hitting the back button. This is a signal to Google that your content is valuable to your website’s visitors.

It’s a well-known concept that increasing your Google rank stems from developing a high-quality web presence. Signals to Google that your website is an authority include:

  • A low bounce rate (people don’t just hit the back button).
  • A significant amount of time being spent on the page people land on.
  • The rate at which people visit a second page on your website once they’ve been to one.

Publishing great content will drive all of these factors and will help you continue to drive meaningful traffic and increase your Google rankings.

3. People Will Like You

Although many will tell you that increasing your Google ranking is independent from your visitors loving what they see, these two concepts are one in the same. Being a brand that people can easily like, and more importantly can easily trust, is imperative for your brand. People who visit your website and remember you positively are much more likely to share your content themselves and continue to spread your business organically.

Having a likable and trustworthy brand helps increase your Google ranking because social media drives a substantial amount of web traffic. Being active on social media platforms and promoting your brand will help you share you business with a wider audience, creating more meaningful traffic for your website if done correctly.

When you deliver authoritative content, people are also more likely to link back to you from their websites. This is huge when it comes to increasing your Google ranking, as Google’s algorithm in fact ranks your website based on how trustworthy it is in the online community. This “trust” is measured by the number, and more important the quality, of the websites linking to yours. Even a few links from other highly authoritative websites will boost your Google rankings quickly, as well as help you manage your online reputation in the public eye.

If you’re wondering how to increase your Google ranking, give quality content a shot. It won’t cause your rankings to jump up quickly, as search engine optimization is a methodical yet effective strategy. Over time, you’ll see your readership become more engaged as your links start to build, your Google rankings shoot up, your traffic improves, and your revenue increases.