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5 Feb
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How To Get New Customers Online: 60 Character Page Titles

If you want to know how to get customers online, give yourself a hand. While other people are throwing their money away on local television commercials, billboards, or other forms of disruptive marketing, you want to make the most of your marketing investment.

Don’t you hate watching commercials in between highlights of your team upsetting the #1 seed in the NCAA tournament? Or having to watch commercials when you’re just trying to watch a quick TV episode on Hulu? Market your products or services where people are already searching for them online.

In short, this is called search engine optimization, and it’s the most effective online methodology to answer the questions of how to get customers online. But how do you convert this traffic? Make sure those page titles are the right length or risk turning people off!

How Long Is The Proper Title Length?

Page titles should generally be more than 50 characters, but 60 characters is definitely your max. Don’t push over that limit or you may experience what happened to me below…

How To Get Customers Online: Use Page Titles To Convert Traffic

Clearly I used too many characters, and the result looks pretty unappealing! Although I have Google Authorship activated, which is an awesome support for conversion in search engine results (I know you want to click on my beautiful face), you can’t see my full page title from Google. When someone searching Google, Bing, or Yahoo finds my page, they might choose another page with a lower ranking because it has a complete and robust title. I did so much work to rank my page and get new customers online that it would be a waste to have a page title people don’t click on when they see it!

As you can see, even SEOs make mistakes. Although this doesn’t happen often at Matador Solutions, I’m comfortable owning up to my mistake as long as it helps you learn! If you find yourself asking how to get customers online, whether you’re a physician in search of Search Engine Optimization or an accountant looking for SEO, these tactics will help you develop a strong influx of new customers.