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13 Aug
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How to Find the Best SEO Company in Fairfax, VA

If your company is located in Fairfax, VA, and your online presence is feeling a little lackluster, then you may be tempted to punch a search into Google, like “Fairfax VA SEO Company.” And that will definitely give you results! But how do you really know if that Fairfax SEO company is right for you and your business?

According to Forbes, the top ranking SEO company for your geographic area, in our case, Fairfax, VA, may not in fact be the best SEO option for your company. Sure, they have done everything for their own site to put them at the top of the results for “Fairfax VA SEO Company,” but that doesn’t mean that their competitors are any more or less worthy of your business. Time is a factor, and the oldest doesn’t always mean the best — although Google gives the amount of time a URL has been around a lot of weight — and it also doesn’t reflect how well a company will work with your company in Fairfax, or even in your industry!

Joshua Stiemle also notes that “bigger is not always better” when it comes to your SEO company. Often — but not always — less can be more. It depends on your budget, it depends on what you need accomplished in your SEO campaign, it depends on you. So whether a potential SEO is a 3 person company, or a 100 person company, neither should be written off automatically.

So, how do you find the best SEO company for your Fairfax, VA firm or practice? Here are the three steps that you and your company can take to ensure you get the best SEO service you can:

Make sure your SEO company has an understanding of the goals you have for your Fairfax business. This means that you must first understand your business goals, and more importantly, that your SEO company understands these goals. We recently had a client who ran into an issue with too much growth, which we were very excited about, but ended up having to reign in and slow down our SEO efforts.

Make sure your SEO company has an understanding of your industry, and the position of your company in that industry in Fairfax, VA. Has your company worked with industries like yours, or companies in positions like yours in that industry? Ensuring that your company has a full picture of where and what you are in your industry is a key to success with your SEO company. Check out their past experiences to get a better sense of the work that they do. We post whitepapers and webinars to give our clients a better sense of how we can serve them, based off how we have done in the past.

Use those free consultations. Many SEO companies in Fairfax, VA might offer opportunities to companies to speak about their goals and industries before starting up a contract. Use these consultations to really get to know your SEO company. Are they competent and creative enough to get you the results you need? We offer free consultations to potential customers so that we can get to know them, and importantly, they can get to know us. This preliminary communication has lead to some amazing relationship with our clients. We love them!

Keep these three things in mind as you search for the right SEO company for you and your Fairfax company. These three steps will lead to, not only a great relationship with the Fairfax SEO company you choose, but to success in your SEO efforts.