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Matador Solutions December 5, 2013 No Comments

DC SEO Company, Tip # 3: Your Website Is the Heart Of Your Social Media Strategy

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Today’s tip is simple. One of the most frequent questions we get is “How do I do ‘social media’?”. There are a variety of elements to a good social media campaign, but the most important part of it is still, believe it or not, your website. At least that’s the case for most businesses, because your website is where magic (i.e. conversion) happens.

Great social media campaigns drive activity to your website, which is where the strengths of your brand are on full display, and it’s where the values expressed in your social media campaign converge.

Did you share examples of your great work on Facebook? Then even more should be available on your website!

Do you extol the value of amazing customer service on Twitter? Then your website better have some type of live chat service and clear customer service protocol policies on your website!

Does YouTube have a fantastic video about you? Then your website had better showcase similar quality visuals to convert the same degree of attention!

The worst kind of social media campaign creates buzz away from your brand but then deadens once people learn about you on your website, and we see it all the time. Ultimately then, you see weak conversion rates, low points of engagement, and your competitors now have an opportunity to apply the same best practices to their own brand and then just optimize their own websites to steal the business!

Look, the rule is simple: first magnify the effectiveness of your website, the heart of your brand, and then pump attention to it through a social media campaign. That will drive engagement, strengthen your campaign, and provide you a competitive edge!