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Matador Solutions March 9, 2020 No Comments


We have been in contact with some of the key folks at Vistage ( as well as some of the long-term members of the group are their COVID-19 planning. Without getting too detailed, there are five key categories we are examining. Here are the items we’ve identified.

  1. Remote Workforce: If you don’t already have it, then there should be put in place ways for all staff members to work remotely, including dealing with case management software, phone systems, and server access. 
  2. Quarantine Impact: If there are lockdowns across various cities, it’s anticipated there will be fewer people on the road and accordingly fewer injuries. 
  3. Cash Reserves: Whether through available lines of credit or simply reserving cash, the best practice seems to be increasing cash reserves to weather an extended storm. 
  4. Sick Leave Policy: Allow people to work remotely if they have any symptoms of any illness whatsoever at the earliest notice without taking sick leave if they are able to function appropriately. 
  5. Opportunities: We are looking at options for opportunities that may present themselves in the wake of this situation. For example, there may be keywords that come into play down the road, such as coronavirus vaccination lawyer.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.