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26 Mar
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Buy SEO Services, But Definitely Not What’s Cheapest

Buying SEO services can be a complex task. Educating yourself on what search engine optimization is, what a reasonable campaign looks like, and how to go through the investment process are all hurdles you’ll have to face. Because you’ve done your research, you’ll have seen a variety of prices for SEO that involve on-page optimization, backlink earning, and content creation (all extremely important!). When it comes to shopping around and buying SEO services, the age-old adage “you get what you pay for” may stop you from making the wrong investment.

Why Should I Spend MORE Money On SEO?

You’re about to go sky diving. Your plane takes off and you’re sitting next to Dan, who’s leading your 2-minute free fall. With one minute until your jump, Dan presents you with two parachutes. One costs $100 and the other costs $25. Both parachutes look the same, but for some reason, one is more expensive. Which would you pick?

Hold On. SEO Isn’t Life Or Death…

True, but the same principles apply to buying SEO services as to jumping out of a plane, especially since it’s a long-term investment. Before you jump into SEO, you have to know what kind of parachute you’re working with. You can invest in a $20 chute, but you may be taking a large risk. Holes in your parachute may include:

  • Mediocre communication with your SEO company (nothing really gets done)
  • Hidden fees (you’re charged for something down the line you didn’t expect)
  • Adding duplicate content to your site (bad – Panda update to Google algorithm)
  • Getting you spammy links (bad – Penguin update to Google algorithm)
  • Any black-hat SEO (frowned upon big time by Google)

You also have the option of purchasing a more pricey parachute. You may spend more in this case when you buy SEO services, but you’re also more likely to get what you pay for (and survive your skydiving lesson). A strong keyword analysis, effective on-page SEO changes, and the development of a substantial backlink profile are what you pay your SEO company for. Making these a reality is not an easy task – it takes time, efforts, and the right resources to implement and track your changes in rankings. When you buy search engine optimization, you’ll begin to see your rankings improve within 2-6 months (depending on the competition of your location and industry), and usually up to a year to see substantial financial return on your efforts. Don’t spend less when you buy SEO services and get nothing in return!

Is SEO For $2.69 Per Month Too Good To Be True? offers SEO services for $2.69 a month. As appealing as this offer may look for a small business owner trying to be prudent with their spend, you’re likely to get little to no return on this SEO service. Most likely, if you buy SEO services from GoDaddy, they will provide a lot of the knowledge you need to execute SEO but will leave you to actually implement it. Useless – if you’re not hiring somebody to do SEO for your business, organization, or practice internally, it’s much more effective to hire a proven agency than to buy SEO services that won’t provide any true execution.

Matador Solutions SEO campaign costs are dependent on the competitiveness of our clients’ industry as well as their location, but our average monthly charge for a comprehensive SEO campaign is more than 100x GoDaddy’s price. Why? We not only provide you with the tools to perform an SEO campaign, but we execute it in-house and provide monthly reports, measure your success, and much more.

Matador Solutions is a DC-based SEO firm, but we run local and national campaigns for clients across the country. If you’re interested in buying SEO services, make sure you know exactly what your agency is ready to offer before investing less money for less return.