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9 May
Matador Solutions May 9, 2014 No Comments

SEO Help: A 1-Minute Search Engine Optimization Introduction

If you’re looking for SEO help to increase traffic to your website and drive more business, there are many tactics that can significantly boost your progress. In today’s SEO help video, Josh gives you a concrete definition of search engine optimization and provides an example of what ranking successfully looks like with a Matador Solutions client.

Video Transcription:

Hey folks, this is Josh with Matador Solutions and you’re watching a quick video on search engine optimization. Let’s just define what it is and why people use it.

So search engine optimization is the ability to get found naturally on Google for the services and products you provide. And so that means if someone’s using Google to find your area of specialization, they’re just going to find you naturally.
So let’s use Google like someone would and in the process I want to share with you one of our clients – a law firm – that wants to get found for the term “best car accident lawyer Washington, D.C.”

So first you would type in “best” if you were interested in a car accident lawyer because you probably want the best one. And then you type in “car accident lawyer” and you would type in the location because you want a lawyer who’s near you. In this case, we’re going to look at Washington, D.C.

Alright, and this is the results page. So the first thing you see is that these are paid ads. So you see the little yellow box, these are all paid ads. Same thing on the right-hand side. The folks who are paying to show up next to this term are actually receiving far fewer clicks than our client who just appears here naturally.