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Matador Solutions August 31, 2013 No Comments

Is Your Online Reputation “Unstable”?

So, is it? How do you know, and why does it matter? I receive variations on those questions regularly, and the answer really is pretty straightforward. Let’s discuss what online reputation “stability” entails.

What is online reputation “stability”? Something stable is “not likely to change or fail; firmly established” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, and that definition applies well to understanding your online reputation. Ideally, you want your reputation to be unshakeable from the effects of negative social media, online reviews, press, or a variety of other undesirable elements.

That means you want to own the locations in which your reputation is shared AND seen. Since well over 90% of the public doesn’t go beyond the 1st page in online search results, the most crucial real-estate to control is the first page of search results for your name, your business, and variations of “[your name] + reviews”.

Control is the major variable here.

How much control do you have right now over the stability of your online reputation? If someone types your name into Google would they see negative reviews (or review sites at all)? How many lines on the first page of Google represent line-items you control (i.e. information appears on it only through your personal approval)?

Keep in mind that over 60% of Americans regularly use online reviews to inform purchasing decisions, and over 70% believe anonymous online reviews. Consequently, a stable online reputation is directly related to a stable (or growing) revenue stream.

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