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25 Apr
Matador Solutions April 25, 2014 No Comments

Get Clients Now: 3 Basic & Advanced Website Conversion Tips

If you’re interested in getting new clients for your business right now, you should start by maximizing the experience of your current website traffic. An investment in SEO to increase rankings and website traffic is only valuable if a significant rate of visitors of your web traffic actually turns into more sales or more leads.

Online conversion can be complex. You want to give people the ability to easily contact you if your business piques their interest, but you don’t want to put your phone number in every paragraph of on-page content and scare them off. You have to walk a fine line between being ultra-accessible and appearing too, “salesy.”


1. Your phone number should appear in both the header and footer of your website. It should be easily visible through bolding or color contrasts. This way, your website visitors will see your phone number when they initially come to your site. When they decide to contact you, finding your phone number will be easy since the header appears the same on each page.

2. Make sure visitors have the ability to easily request an appointment or a consultation with you. You should have an item right in the primary menu that people can click and contact you through an online form.

3. Make sure you have some reviews or testimonials visible on the pages that people visit the most. You can see this using a tool like Google Analytics. Getting new clients means showing them that you provide a valuable service to your current ones, so show them immediately on service pages that you’re superior to your competition. Getting good online reviews is part of online reputation management, but it also works to help you get clients now.


1. Install a tool onto your website that allows visitors to chat with a staff member or even schedule a call for a time that’s convenient for them. When web visitors are able to talk to your employees easily, they’ll make a stronger and more personal connection with your business and are much more likely to move forward in your sales funnel.

2. Install code on the back-end of your website so you can see exactly what traffic to your homepage is doing. This is really valuable information, because it can tell you exactly where people are clicking to most often from specific pages. This will allow you to get more clients right now, because you can make changes on the pages that people like to visit the most.

3. Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that you can use to track “funnels” of data. This means if you have an eCommerce website, you can track how many visitors are moving through a specific sequence of pages on your site. Since you’re selling your products or service online, a single error-prone page, say when your collecting credit card information, may really be hurting your bottom line. You can get new clients tomorrow by adjusting any pages where traffic isn’t flowing at the proper rate to the next page.

Search engine optimization campaigns to get more rankings and web traffic is extremely valuable, but making sure your website is converting properly is going to really maximize your online marketing efforts (and your revenue). Win traffic, convert it, and grow your business.