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Matador Solutions July 9, 2018 No Comments

Content Allocation and Beta Tests

Here are a few updates we’d like to make you aware of. They’re worth the 60-second read!

  1. Content Allocation: As you know, there are two categories of content: a) on-page static content (i.e., content that is on your website), and b) off-page content (i.e., blogs and other types of writing that is placed on other sites). With some sites, depending on the ratio and link profile of the site, we may be tweaking the allocation of content. In some cases, we’ll place more of your ordered pieces as static content, and in other cases, more blog content. Keep in mind that this ratio may fluctuate.
  2. Law Education Center: We are currently in the process of beta testing an education site so we can use it as another conversion opportunity. The concept is that Consortium members would be identified as contributors to the site, and would have bios built. As the site picks up steam, we can use it to optimize in various markets where we have members. Once the site is completed we will provide more info.