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Check Your Company’s SEO | Is Your Source Code Optimized?

Big business owners can have one of their technicians do it. Small business owners do it themselves. Either way, SEO is how you get more business online. Pages that are useful to buyers and spring to their fingertips as they make searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo – the dream of every business!

If you’re reading this and scratching your head, it’s time to check your company’s SEO. As the head of a business, company, or practice, you probably know if you’re investing in Internet marketing of some sort (sending out newsletters, social media ads, etc). But is your website optimized to be found on search engines? Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPS for short, is the online marketplace where you can sell your product or service where people are looking for it. So is your website built to come up in online searches?

How To Check Your Company’s SEO

Let’s just look at what I’ve written here!

I want to provide an article, probably for those in a management position at their company, who want to check to see if their company is doing SEO and searching for answers online.

Title and Meta Data

My title is clearly directed at those in search of checking the SEO status of their company, and has a title that’s catchy. This means it will show up in search, and will pique people’s interest enough for them to read it (you did, so hope others will too!)

My meta data offers a clear description of my company, what the article will be discussing, and tells you we’ll be helping you to check your company’s SEO.

Answer Questions And Solve Problems

Page content is very important, and Google is only increasing the significance of original, high-quality, and helpful content in search rankings as time goes on. When creating content for a specific keyword or idea, you want to make that content answer the question of a searcher or solve their problem.

I want to help you check your company’s SEO, so my writing will guide you in creating correct titles, writing quality content, and checking your website’s traffic and/or rankings (that’s what’s next). I’m attempting to answer your SEO question and thus giving Google a reason to rank this page highly for those searching to investigate the SEO of their company’s website(s).

Check Your Website Traffic Or A Rankings Report

The organic search traffic coming to your website (that’s how many people are finding pages of your website through Google, Bing, or Yahoo searches) is one way to check your company’s SEO. If don’t have Google Analytics installed onto your website, stop reading and have your web guy do that now! If so, check out your current organic traffic.
Not much organic traffic? You’ll definitely want to investigate your website’s SEO campaign, and sites that are optimized properly usually get the majority of their traffic through organic traffic!

Getting a ranking is usually not free, and if somebody offers you a free rankings report, it’s probably not legit. No such thing as a free lunch, right? , SEO Power Suite, and AWR Cloud (there are hundreds of services out there) all offer free trials, but there are a lot of hoops to jump through to actually get a report spit out. Check out one below that I recently sent to a JMR client.

Actually checking your company’s SEO rankings is probably a job better fit for your tech team; your time is valuable, and hours can be spend trying to generate a report if you don’t know what your doing.

Hope this helped! Remember – this read was useless if you don’t take action! Check with your web dev team, or check your company’s SEO rankings yourself!