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Matador Solutions January 6, 2014 No Comments

3 SEO Tools To Help The Small Business Owner That You Don’t Know About

Building your small business is hard. Very, very hard. There’s so much competition selling the services and products you do, it’s become increasingly difficult to differentiate your small business from others. SEO tools to help the small business owner are a financially viable way for startups to compete with small and large businesses alike.

Let’s say Dave opens a new shoe store in Washington, DC. Dave sells all sorts of shoes, and people come into his local store because the shoes in his windows are pretty fresh. But like most small business owners, he’s always looking for ways to attract new shoe shoppers. Why not find new customers where people are already searching for shoes? That’s where SEO tools to help the small business owner will come into play. Let’s discuss!

Unknown SEO Tools For Small Business Owners

1. Google Keyword Planner Local Search Volume
Many people use Google Keyword Planner to see how many searches are being made for specific keywords and industry topics. But with Google local searches becoming more prevalent in search results, understanding how people local to your business are searching is becoming even more important!

Now Dave can see that 2,900 in Washington, DC are making the search “shoes”. Even more important, Dave can see less competitive words (“dance shoes”, “new balance shoes”, etc).

2. WordPress All In One SEO Pack

If your website is built on WordPress, check out the All In One SEO plugin. I’ve seen hundreds of websites that are trying to rank well in search, but that contain poor titles, headers, and meta data – although Google is currently pushing high-quality content, these factors still matter very much! All In One SEO Pack allows you to easily delegate page titles and meta data to individual pages.

If we’re talking about plugins, this SEO tool will most definitely help the small business owner. Now Dave can describe his Nike, Adidas, and Puma shoes correctly on individual pages to help them optimize in search.

3. Google Analytics

Again, many people use Google Analytics, but this SEO tool can help all small business owners if they use it correctly. Most people use it to see how many new visitors they have on their website. This is only of many functions of GA! Did you know you can

See exactly how people are traveling between pages?
Embed code into your website to track site visitors through the funnel of a sales cycle?
Install a personal dashboard that delivers data that’s relevant to your website’s goals?

SEO tools to help the small business owner – I hope that these do! Dave certainly thinks so…