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Google Ads Credits

Google has announced that in response to the COVID-19 crisis, they will be issuing $340 million in Google Ads credits. In order to qualify, you must have had an active Google Ads account within the past year. It appears that no application is needed; credits will simply appear within Google Ads accounts and can be […]


We have been in contact with some of the key folks at Vistage ( as well as some of the long-term members of the group are their COVID-19 planning. Without getting too detailed, there are five key categories we are examining. Here are the items we’ve identified. Remote Workforce: If you don’t already have it, […]

Domain Authority

There are some changes coming soon to the way Moz calculates the domain authority of websites. As a reminder, Moz has a tool called Link Explorer that we use (along with other third-party tools that measure a similar metric) to calculate “domain authority,” which, in a simple sense, is a measure of how strong a […]

Site Speed

Site speed has historically been a secondary ranking variable. In other words, if a website took a long time to open, then Google would be slightly less likely to show the site. This makes sense because Google wants people who search to be happy. But it’s always been important only after the basic blocking and […]

How Lawyer Marketing Helps Educate The Public About Dangerous Products

The vast majority of product manufacturers, from drug companies to furniture makers, are unwilling to warn the public about safety issues until something bad happens. Investigate most product recalls and you’ll soon discover that evidence of safety issues surfaced long before the recall itself was issued. With so little information reaching actual consumers, advertisements produced […]