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In today’s legal world, it is critical to the success of any law firm – whether a small, boutique firm or a large multi-attorney corporation – to use all of the digital resources available to market to potential clients. Most firms understand that this means having a website and utilizing that website to provide information that will attract business to their offices. Another key digital resource that many law firms fail to utilize is social media marketing. The following is a brief overview of how social medial marketing can work for attorneys. For more detailed information, contact a law firm SEO agency.

Utilize the Appropriate Platforms

Social media has come a long way since the early days of Myspace. Today, there are a wide array of social media sites, with each one providing its own unique opportunities at marketing.

However, many businesses make the mistake of thinking their company should have a presence on every social media site. In order to determine which sites a company should be on, the type of business that company is should make that determination.

In the case of a law firm, a law firm SEO agency would likely discourage the firm to have a presence on sites like Snapchat and TikTok, yet strongly encourage the firm to have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Do I Need Other Marketing if I’m Using Social Media?

Another mistake some companies make is they think that by utilizing social media, they don’t have to utilize other content marketing tools. Content marketing and social media marketing are two different animals, but the benefit can be found in how they work together. A company creates content marketing (i.e. blog posts on their website) and uses its social media platforms to get that content out to the public and potential clients.

A law firm SEO agency can help you decide which of those content marketing tools can benefit your company, including blogging, press releases, email blasts to clients, Google Ads, and more.

Is Social Media Free?

While creating accounts on social media sites are free and it does not cost anything to post on your page, these platforms do offer paying options that can help get your account more attention. While these options are not required, they can be beneficial in attracting more of an audience to your page or account. For example, you can create ads on the platform that are directly targeted at certain demographics that you choose. You also have the option of paying to boost a post to ensure that the post is seen by more users than just posting organically.

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If you would like to learn more about how a law firm SEO agency can help your law firm grow, contact Matador Solutions today.

 SEO Optimization for Content

Search engine optimization is important for marketers, and this is true if you’re trying to market any kind of business but especially legal services. People who are looking for legal services are often going to click on the very first law blog that they see under search results, and the better you rank with SEO the better you will show up on search results.

So when we talk about SEO, it is very common to hear of things you can do to better rank with search engine optimization, but have you ever considered that there are other factors that can affect your blog search engine optimization aside from just keywords? Obviously, if you are here looking for a law firm SEO agency such as Matador Solutions, then you are trusting us enough to know what we’re doing. But that does not mean that you should not know exactly what we are taking into account when we write your content.

One of the things that are an indirect ranking factor for Google is your dwell time, and this is the length of time that somebody spends on a page on your blog. So from the second that somebody clicks in one of your blog pages, the timer starts ticking and when they exit the page, dwell time is counted. So from the moment, somebody goes on your blog page from the moment they exit that particular page is your dwell time.

This metric is an indirect indicator for search engine optimization because it is completely subjective, the algorithms that look at search engines and compile the best results for each search phrase, do not know your content strategy. So if your blog is focused on short form content that takes a minute or two to read, this would tell you whether people are spending more time than that minute or two reading on your blog and if they are it could also give you pertinent information about whether your readers want longer content or shorter content.

Something else you can do to help bring up your search engine optimization is to ensure that your website is mobile responsive. It is theorized that more than half of Google search traffic in the United States alone comes from mobile devices, which means that your blog needs to be viewable on a mobile device of any size. Furthermore, if you’ve optimized your blog content for mobile reading, it is going to be easy for your potential clients to read while on the go.

To ensure the stuff they are reading will not bore them with long walls of text, you may put pictures and other things to catch their eyes while they are reading and ensure that they spend a longer time on your site.

Obviously, a content agency is going to know how best to write content for both computer reading and mobile reading, and ensure that everything is search engine friendly.

The benefits of having your law firm receive assistance from our law firm SEO agency is substantial. Not only does our support at Matador Solutions increase your ranking on search engines, but it aims to draw in more frequent traffic that is likely to turn into reliable leads. Examples of benefits that lawyers and law firms may experience through SEO include:

  • Driving more emails and contacts through google business and other listings
  • Outranking competition and more click-through to view the website
  • Generating more traffic through quality content and information
  • Improving online reputation and positive client reviews
  • Attracting traffic that is higher volume than ever before 
  • Turning new site traffic into more phone calls, form fills, and email inquiries
  • Establishing law firm as a leading reputable source and gaining authority 

As you may have noticed before, there are only a limited number of slots on the first page of a search engine. And if you are not within the first few results, click-throughs to your website decrease quite a bit. What SEO does is works to optimize the site through using keywords and raising your visibility to ultimately outrank competitors. You don’t have to be at the top spot to drive traffic to your website either, but the goal is to have your website be on the first page, for best visible search engine presence. By investing in an SEO strategy now and publishing strategic content, more prospective clients can find you and pick you instead of competitors in the area. 

With help from our law firm SEO agency, you won’t have to worry about generating catchy content, unless you’d like to! We have content creators who can insert SEO keywords that drive more attention to your website now, and overtime. Your blogs can offer valuable information to potential clients, while generating more traffic with keyword targeting and turn traffic into leads. SEO is a wonderful tool that utilizes keywords based on what your law firm offers and the type of clientele you want to draw in. The content published on the website then attracts users who are looking for the information you provide. 

You may be pleased to learn that SEO is not just a set it and leave it strategy, since once it’s implemented, it begins generating more traffic with very little effort after that. This is particularly the case if you work with an SEO agency that has built a positive reputation and can be relied upon to optimize your site. In the long-term, SEO drives a constant stream of traffic and increases leads. Many law firms prefer this approach instead of having to continually re-invest in paid advertisements or try to keep up with frequent social media posts. View SEO as a compound investment that continues to offer a return, without you having to spend more time and energy. 

If you have questions about SEO or are curious to begin, our team at Matador Solutions is happy to help. All you have to do is reach out to our law firm SEO agency at your next convenience, and we’re glad to start right away!

Law Firm SEO Agency FAQs

We here at the law firm SEO Agency of Matador Solutions are excited that you are considering working with us. We often receive questions about SEO, so we have compiled a list of the five most common questions we receive below. Learn more about our practice, and then contact us to get started on your SEO journey today.

What exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In other words, it is a method of formatting content on all digital platforms so that it ranks high in searches with Google, Bing, and other search engines. It is not enough just to write something about your company and post it, hoping for the best. There are proven methods that can help your business rank high in search results with both organic and paid methods.

Can I do SEO on my own?

While it is possible to attempt to optimize your content on your own, it is not recommended. SEO rules, regulations, and best practices are constantly changing, which means you need to stay in the know and become an expert. Since you have a law firm to run, we recommend that you focus on your practice while working with a law firm SEO agency that can act as experts on your behalf to optimize your content.

Is SEO just picking the right words?

Words do matter — especially when it comes to SEO. Picking a topic and writing about it is great, but if your content does not have the proper keywords placed in the correct locations with specific links and corresponding images, your content will not be optimized. Search engine optimization is more than just the text, it goes beyond with ever changing strategies. There are lots of free and paid programs out there that can show you what keywords are being searched but translating that to your market and determining if your customers are using those specific keywords can be tricky. Beyond that, you have to churn out quite a bit of content to continue to rank high on search engines. Again, words are important, but they are not the only thing that decides SEO.

Why should I hire an agency to help my law firm?

As aforementioned, you are busy running your business and being a lawyer. You do not have time or energy to spend on learning everything there is to know about SEO best practices. Instead, let our agency take care of things for you. Plus, when you work with an agency you have multiple people to provide feedback and advice for you rather than trying to do it all on your own — you have a team at your disposal that is ready to create the perfect content for your organization.

What types of content can be optimized?

All content can be optimized. Did you know that large images slow down page load speed, which often translates into people leaving your site before it even loads, which lowers your overall SEO score? At our agency, we specialize in written content such as blogs, landing pages, and more. We provide images for blogs and landing pages which are also optimized accordingly.

Contact the law firm SEO agency of Matador Solutions today for more information!