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If you have a law practice, you may want to consider hiring a law firm marketing agency. If you run  a law firm, creating a strong and effective marketing communications strategy is necessary if you want to increase your customer base. A marketing agency can help you reach more potential clients, increase your firm’s visibility and communicate your legal services in a more clear and compelling way. With so many law firms, you want to attract clients to your firm. Communicating to clients what makes your firm stand out from the rest is crucial. There is a lot of competition, and a reputable agency can help you get ahead of your competitors. Here are some benefits of hiring a law firm marketing agency.

Boost web traffic

In this day and age, most people search for law firms online. If your business does not have a strong online presence, it will not be exposed to many people and your client base will not be able to grow quickly. Your competitors will have an edge against you because they will be able to reach more people.  Many people find law firms on the internet by doing web searches. If your law firm’s website shows up on the third or fourth page of Google, most people won’t see it. That’s where a marketing agency comes in. They know how to use search engine optimization strategies to help your website appear on the first page of Google. A marketing agency can determine the specific keywords that suit your practice and integrate them in your posts so that your website will show as one of the first results. If users see your website on the first page of Google, they will be more likely to visit it. Doing this research can take a lot of time, but an experienced marketing team will understand what strategies to use so that your law firm will thrive. It may take several weeks to see results after implementing a marketing strategy, but the investment will be meaningful for the long-term growth of your firm 

Increase credibility

Whether your law firm specializes in personal injury or family law, you must show potential clients that you are credible. Boosting credibility involves presenting information and evidence showing that your firm is accomplished, and has achieved excellent results for a variety of clients. You need to be able to show your potential clients that your firm is competent, dependable and can deliver the results that they are looking for. A law firm marketing agency can help you do just that. For example, they can create high-quality content on your website that demonstrates your firm’s expertise. They can create blog posts for your website that highlights your legal team’s achievements, such as the settlement amounts you have been able to obtain for clients. When users read the blogs, they will see that your law firm is credible and gain your trust.

Improve mobile-friendliness

Many people these days browse websites on their smartphones and mobile devices. In addition to web searches using search engines, many people also rely on popular apps to research businesses.  As such, you want your law firm’s website to be as mobile as possible. Optimizing your website for mobile use requires a different strategy than optimizing it for desktop searches. Mobile interfaces often utilize different approaches. For example, videos are often shorter because they need to quickly grab their attention while they are scrolling on their mobile device. Failing to integrate a marketing strategy that specifically ensures your website is mobile-friendly may frustrate your potential clients. If they find that your website is not mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, they may turn away before getting to know more about your business. If your website is not compatible with mobile devices, people won’t stay on it very long. That is another good reason to work with a law firm marketing agency. They will ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Expand client base

In order for your law firm to grow, you have to consistently grow your client base. If you work with a reputable marketing agency, you can do just that. Unlike billboards and other types of print marketing, digital marketing can reach clients outside of your firm’s geographic location. Having a strong and impactful social media presence on a variety of platforms is a must in today’s age.  A skilled marketing agency will know what strategies will be most effective for your firm and how to properly execute them so that you can reach your target clients. They can reach clients far beyond your firm’s location. WIth a sustainable marketing strategy, you can increase your client base at a steady rate. 

Establish a positive reputation

Search engines like Google have built-in review systems that give previous clients a chance to give their honest reviews of your services. These reviews are important to have because they can show potential customers that your law firm is trustworthy. If someone happens to leave a negative review, responding to it quickly can show others that you care about their opinions and will do what it takes to rectify the situation. Knowing how to respond to negative reviews is key if you want to successfully maintain your firm’s  reputation. A marketing firm can help you manage those negative reviews, and highlight your positive reviews so that they are easily accessible to your clients. 

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Does My Law Firm Website Need a Blog?

While it is often critical to the success of any law firm to have a high-quality website, it is important to remember that your website is only one part of having a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Yes, your website will explain to potential clients the services your firm offers, but having a blog on your website can provide potential clients with continuous information about the topics they are most interested in. 

One of the most effective digital marketing tools available today is a blog. Publishing well-written and informative legal blogs on your website is critical to any law firm trying to grow its practice. As a law firm marketing agency can explain, blogs serve multiple purposes to any marketing strategy.

Blogs not only inform potential clients of the types of legal services you can provide for them, but they also create content for your website, which is crucial in driving traffic to your website and keeping your website up in Google rankings. This is done by writing blogs using search engine optimization (SEO). Blogs can also be posted onto all of your law firm’s social media sites, another crucial aspect of digital marketing.

Improve Your Website’s SEO

As mentioned above, having a blog where articles are published on a regular and consistent basis can help improve your firm’s website SEO. You can have an exceptional website, but if potential clients cannot find you online, that website is not providing the benefits it should. When a potential client goes on Google or other search engines and types in what they are looking for, where your firm shows up on that list of potential law firms is determined by the search rankings your website has. Publishing blogs and adding quality content to your site helps push your website up in the rankings.

If you do utilize a blog on your website, you want to make sure that what you are publishing focuses on the topics that potential clients may be looking for and answers their questions. A law firm marketing agency can provide the high-quality content and the behind-the-scenes SEO optimization that works best.

Credibility and Trust

The blog posts you publish should address the legal issues that your law firm handles every day. For example, a family law firm can publish posts about divorce, child custody, child support, and other family law issues the firm helps clients with. A law firm that focuses on personal injury cases can publish blogs about car accidents, personal injury lawsuits, medical malpractice, and other accident and injury topics. These blog posts will demonstrate to a potential client that your firm has the legal expertise – and compassion – to help them navigate through their legal issues.

Staying Up to Date

Laws are always changing, no matter what area of law your firm practices. By publishing blogs on a regular basis, you are demonstrating that your firm stays on top of any changes to the law and how it could affect their situation in the future.

The Most Successful Legal Blog Formats

While there is much to the technical side of how legal blogs can help your firm’s SEO, a law firm marketing agency knows that there are also key components that a blog should have that will make them engaging to the reader and potential client. Blogs should be written in such a way that when a potential client performs a Google search, your law firm is one of the top choices that show up.

Some of the most successful styles of legal blogs include:

  • Discussion of current events – One of the most effective ways to reach potential clients is by staying on top of the latest issues that may affect them. This can include any current or proposed changes in the law (i.e. new criminal laws or changes in marital and divorce laws), and any high-profile cases that are aligned with the type of law your firm practices.
  • Lists – Lists are one of the most popular formats of blogs since they provide the reader with the information they may be seeking, but in a clear and concise format that is easy for the layperson to understand. For example, a criminal defense attorney can publish a blog about what the different steps are when a person has been arrested – arraignment, pretrial conference, trial, sentencing, etc. Studies show that online use has led many people to just scan over information and not actually read it fully. As a law firm marketing agency can explain, a bulleted or numbered list is an attractive format to many people, and they are more likely to take the time to read your blog post if they feel they can get important information by just “scanning.”
  • FAQs – More and more online users formulate questions when they are conducting online searches. Writing a legal blog by providing the answers to these common questions that potential clients are typing in the search bar will help drive your blogs – and your website – up in rankings. In the criminal law example used above, the title of that post could be, “What Happens After I Am Arrested,” a very common question by people who have been arrested and one who is likely looking for an attorney.




How does SEO help your law firm?

Searching optimization otherwise known as SEO is an effective marketing strategy for many law firms, but you may not know how SEO can actually help your law firms reach grow. Because people use Google to search for lawyers and legal advice in their area, and we know that you people use Google more than they use any other platform these days, search engine optimization for your law firm’s pages is very important because if you rank high enough in the search results, you will attract clients who are looking for services similar to what you offer. The better your SEO results, the more likely you are to show up in the first page, and the more likely your clients are to click into your page and use your services.

First things first, search engine optimization is one of the best ways to improve your organic ranking. Your organic ranking is essentially how often and consistently you show up in search results and therefore earn organic visitors because they are clicking on your site from the search results page. The goal is to rank high and you want to do so consistently, you can do this by optimizing keywords that people are using to search for your services.

An example of search engine optimization and how it can be written into a blog post on your site is to think of the keywords that people may search if they are looking for a lawyer to hire. So if somebody is searching for a child custody lawyer in Dallas Texas, a good key search phrase might be “child custody lawyer in Dallas Texas”. By using this keyword a handful of times in your article, you are more likely to rank for it when somebody searches for a child custody lawyer and they are near Dallas Texas. 

Organic marketing, otherwise known as organic traffic is a great way to use keywords to earn results without funneling out a ton of money. You do not have to spend a lot of money to yield results when you are just focusing on SEO strategies such as organic marketing.

SEO is not just about pleasing the search engine results pages, you are aiming to provide a website experiencing content that is informative for your visitors. All Google is doing is matching the best search results of the search that the user has implemented. So another thing to think about when you are using search engine optimization to show up more on people’s search results and therefore get more organic traffic is to ensure that your site is accessible, user-friendly, interactive, and pleasing to the eye. The nicer your site looks, the more effective your search engine optimization is going to be because people are going to want to come back.

By having a pleasing visual, or user experience on your site, people are going to want to stay on your website for longer and they may even opt in to contact you rather than going to competitors or continuing their search for a lawyer in the area.


If you are a law firm interested in expanding your client base, a law firm marketing agency can provide those needs. Call Matador Solutions today to find out how we can help.