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    Personal Injury Law Firms
    Criminal Defense Law Firms
    Bankruptcy Law Firms
    Family Law Firms
    Trust and Estate Law Firms
    Workers' Compensation Law Firms
    Chiropractors, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Orthodontists, and more!

We consistently rank members on page 1 of Google for the most competitive keywords.

We help members take a 360° approach to growth. From hiring to intake, we can help.

Members benefit from bulk rates on affordable, conversion-friendly websites.

Our expert paid media specialists are available to members as needed.

Why We Started The Co-Op

The world of digital marketing, especially SEO, is scary, confusing, and downright frustrating for firms trying to run a successful practice. Our founding firm, Cohen & Cohen P.C., knew this and early on decided to bring all marketing efforts in-house. Soon after, colleagues began reaching out for help getting their websites to rank in Google, and the co-op was born. We are the answer to the big marketing companies that took advantage of and misled smalls firms. The Co-Op runs transparently, members benefit from shared information across non-competing markets, and each individual member owns 100% of the intellectual property (IP) created for them.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most vendors want you to believe that getting a website to rank in Google is magic. It’s not. Having ranked websites in the most competitive markets in the country, we know that it boils down to 3 key factors:

  • Content
  • Coding
  • Backlinks

Digital Marketing: Measurable Success

We don’t believe in fluffed-up charts, graphs, or vanity metrics. Joining the co-op means we are hyperfocused on getting (1) your website to the #1 position in Google, (2) your phone to ring, and (3) getting you new clients.

Dedicated Team Focused On Your Firm

We don’t leave you with an Account Manager who doesn’t have the experience you need. Joining the co-op means you get a team of Directors with eyes on your website at all times. Our staff consists of attorneys, marketers that have spent over $50 million on digital advertising, entrepreneurs that have bought and sold businesses, and more.

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