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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Washington, D.C.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Washington, D.C. - Woman crossing streetIf you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you may want to speak with a pedestrian accident lawyer Washington, D.C. residents rely on. You may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer can help you pursue a timely claim and look out for your best interests.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are more likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries in accidents because they don’t have the protection of a vehicle. Here are the most common causes of pedestrian accidents.


  • Poor visibility. Motorists may have difficulty seeing pedestrians at nighttime or during bad weather conditions. When there’s poor visibility, motorists are more likely to hit pedestrians. Pedestrians can increase their visibility by wearing bright clothes at night.

  • Failing to yield the right of way. If a traffic signal directs a pedestrian to cross the street, a motorist has to let the pedestrian get across the street before continuing driving. If a motorist fails to do that and hits a pedestrian, the motorist could be held liable.

  • Distractions. To avoid accidents, motorists must focus their entire attention on the road. If they give into distractions, like texting on a smartphone or eating, they have a higher chance of getting into an accident with a pedestrian. Likewise, pedestrians are more likely to get hit by vehicles if they’re talking on a smartphone or distracted by something else while crossing the street.

  • Jaywalking. Jaywalking occurs when pedestrians cross the road outside of a crosswalk. As a pedestrian accident lawyer in Washington, D.C. can confirm, pedestrians may be found at-fault if they get into an accident with a vehicle while jaywalking.

  • Speeding. It is always important for motorists to follow the posted speed limits. When motorists drive above the speed limit, they might not have enough time to react to pedestrians. The faster a vehicle is going, the more serious injuries a pedestrian can sustain.

  • Rolling stops. Motorists are required to make complete stops at stop signs. If they just roll through, they might not see pedestrians and hit them.

  • Running into the road. Unfortunately, some children may run into the road without considering oncoming vehicles. They can get hit this way and suffer severe injuries.

If you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident, you may want to schedule a consultation with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Washington, D.C. to discuss your case in detail. 



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