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If you are a real estate agent that knows your competition and you want to beat it, there is a good chance that a real estate SEO company can help you. 

In today’s increasingly digital business world, if you do not have a strong internet presence with a website that ranks high in search engine searches, chances are, you are missing out on business opportunities. One major opportunity is that you are missing out on getting more potential customers in your door, i.e. into your website, before they see your competitors’ websites. 

In a brand driven world, it is important for potential customers to see your brand before they see yours. Brand recognition is important but this is only one of the many ways a reputable SEO company may be able to help you to increase your rankings and to get more traffic to your website.

Matador Solutions is a full service, digital marketing firm that specializes in real estate SEO and in meeting the needs and demands of busy real estate professionals. If you are not already getting top notch real estate SEO services from a team that knows their SEO, at lower costs than most real estate SEO firms offer, contact us today. 


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the technical name for strategies that are targeted at getting Google and other search engines to recognize your real estate website as better and of higher quality than other real estate websites that offer similar services in the same markets as yours.

The better your real estate website is optimized, the better your rankings on Google and other search engines will be. The better ranked you are, the more likely it will be for potential buyers to contact you before they contact your competitors. Not many real estate agents have the time it takes or technical expertise to implement the high quality SEO services their website gets when a company that is a veterin in the field manages it. 

Importance of Real Estate SEO in the Pandemic

Good SEO in today’s increasingly digital world is becoming more and more important for realtors who want to have the cutting edge over their competition. In this era of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become increasingly imperative for realtors to be able to give their clients and potential clients virtual everything – from meeting them via video, to showing them around potential properties, to being able to get important documents signed electronically and other things so that no one has to have physical contact or be in the same physical location.

Real Estate SEO = More ROI

Many realtors are pleasantly surprised when they find out the lower costs of good SEO services compared to more traditional forms of advertising such as commercials on television and radio, and print ads in newspapers, magazines, and fliers, etc. Once they have good SEO services in place, many real estate agents are even more pleased with the high return on their investment that good SEO brings in.

If you are looking for an SEO company that understands real estate, contact the experienced team at Matador Solutions today.



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