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Online Marketing for LawyersWhile having a high-quality website that provides prospective clients with the services a law firm offers, background about the firm’s attorneys, and other information, the truth is that a website is only one area of having comprehensive online marketing for lawyers strategy. In order to take advantage of all the potential online marketing has to offer, law firms should also include publishing blogs on a regular basis in order to improve search rankings and increase the firm’s website traffic. The following are some of the benefits of blog publishing. For more detailed information and to learn how blogs can help your firm’s marketing, call Matador Solutions.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Law firms – just like other businesses – have websites in order to attract prospective clients who need legal representation, but the goal is to make sure your law firm’s website shows up on the first page or two of an internet search. The closer to the top your website shows up, the more likely the person searching will contact your firm. The quality of your website is the foundation to help your firm show up in search results, but regularly publishing blogs will provide an even greater push up those rankings and help the success of your strategy for online marketing for lawyers.

There is more to this than just publishing updates to your blog section. In order to provide the utmost in SEO, a firm’s blogs should answer questions a prospective client may have, as well as include the search terms they are using to look for an attorney. Each blog should be well-written – using the “voice” of an attorney – yet easy to understand and not full of so much “legalize” that the reader cannot understand the information being provided.

Demonstrate Experience and Credibility

Each blog post is an opportunity to show a potential client that your firm’s legal team has the knowledge and experience that the client is looking for. Think about the questions and issues that come up when you are working with clients and you’ll have a variety of blog topics that you can publish on your website. For example, a law firm that specializes in family law issues will have clients come to them with questions about the divorce process, how child support works, options for child custody, and more. Writing about each of these topics and publishing on your firm’s website will demonstrate the expertise and skill your firm can offer the person reading them.

Law firms can also write about any changes to state laws, as well as local and national media stories that pertain to the area of law the firm practices. These types of blog posts can demonstrate to a potential client that the firm stays current on all ongoing developments and changes, offering assurances of the type of legal help your firm will provide.

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