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Local SEO and Your Business

Local SEO Services

If you have a business website and are not ranking high enough in your local search results so that potential customers see your name before they see your competitors, local SEO services may be just what you need. 

Marketing in today’s digital world has changed. While traditional methods of advertising such as television and print ads are still popular, since more and more shopping, and research about available goods and services is done online, if you have a business, you know the importance of your website being easy for potential customers to find as well as that it is easy to use once they get to it.

Many big and small business owners and heads of companies know the importance of SEO in today’s digital marketing world but not everyone knows the importance of local SEO. Many digital marketing agencies tout their SEO abilities but not all of them can demonstrate their success at helping clients with local SEO services. Local SEO services can help a business achieve higher rankings in local search results.

Local SEO Marketing
Local SEO (local search engine optimization) also referred to as local search marketing, is an effective way to market your local business online so that people who live in the same location that your business is, or consumers who are in places you can send your products or services, will see your products or services when they are looking for them within a certain proximity to where they live or go to shop, etc.  Some of the methods of achieving this are similar or the same as those that are practiced in standard SEO but many of them differ greatly and for this, many businesses really need local SEO services to stay ahead of their competition.

Local Search Compared to Standard Informational Search
Many good SEO companies can help their clients rank with standard informational searches but not all of them have what it takes to get their clients into Google’s local pack or 3-pack. A local pack or 3-pack is the block of three businesses that appear below the map that usually comes up with local keyword searches. 

Examples of standard information keyword searches for masks are: 

  • best mask maker
  • best natural cloth masks
  • masks for essential workers 

A standard information search turns into a local search when it becomes localized with added location or proximity words such as: 

  • best mask maker near me
  • best natural cloth masks [City, State, ]
  • masks for essential workers in [Any County]

 When a potential customer or client is searching for products or services with a location or a proximity, Google and other search engines tend to “understand” that what the searcher wants is business suggestions or lists based on location. 

If you want your business to be one of the ones that search engines recognize as having a better website for standard information searches AND recognize your website as better than your competitors’ when potential customers are looking for business or list suggestions based on location or proximity- a good digital marketing company that offers high level local SEO services might be just what you need to get you ranking above your competitors.

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