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Looking for a Local SEO Agency

Local SEO AgencyIf you have a business and want it to show up ahead of your competition when potential customers are searching for your kind of business in the location(s) your business serves, a good digital marketing local SEO agency can help you to get you there.

SEO: More Than Just a Pretty Website
To stay ahead of the game in the digital marketing age, your business needs an attractive and easy to access, user friendly website for your potential customers or clients to find- on all devices such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, not just on computers. But it also needs to be one that Google recognizes as being of higher quality than those of your competition so that you show up before them on and at the top of the first page of their search results. A key way to get your website recognized by Google is to have it optimized around keywords so that when potential customers are searching for the kind of products or service you offer, they see your website before they see others.

No matter how pretty your website is, if it isn’t optimized and easy to use, the chance of Google and other search engines recognizing it are slim.

Good SEO
Good search engine optimization (SEO) means that someone, very often a team of people, are constantly studying and experimenting to try to hit a Google home run, i.e. to get a site into the number one spot when potential customers or clients are searching for the kinds of services they offer. And while there are many digital marketing agencies that offer SEO services, a few of them are much better than many of the others. 

Good Local SEO
One very important facet of a good digital marketing agency at this point in time (as this too is constantly changing because of technology and the establishment of new cultural norms) is to be not just optimized but optimized to show up in local search results.

Local searches are when a search engine user uses a keyword phrase + “near me” or the name of a place such as a city, neighborhood, county or even other stores or venues, for example, “near Walmart” or “near Six Flags” or “near the House of Blues.” It is becoming increasingly important to rank on local searches given that more and more people can be connected to the internet from their phones and other devices from most places in the U.S.

It does not matter whether you have a physical location where people can come to see your products or to discuss these and/or your services or not, local SEO is of utmost importance if you’re trying to stay ahead in the internet search engine game.

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