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Benefits of Having Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Local Search Engine Optimization ServicesIf you are a business owner in today’s digital world, you likely know the importance of SEO for getting Google to let potential customers know about your business but you may not be as familiar with the benefits of local search engine optimization services. If you are a small or medium sized business owner with a physical location where you and/or your employees come face-to-face (or mask-to-mask as it may now be) with your customers, it may be beneficial for you to learn more about how local SEO may benefit you and your revenue.

Local SEO
Local search engine optimization (SEO) also referred to as local search marketing, is anything that is done on the web to promote a brick and mortar store or business with a store-front service area. It is based on strategies to get it so that a business in a particular location is more visible on Google and other search engine searches in order to reach more potential local customers.

In addition to being valuable to small and medium sized businesses with a physical location in a particular area, local SEO services can be valuable to national enterprise brands, and chains.

If you have a business or service that targets a specific area, you may need the help of a good digital marketing company to make sure that your website shows up on local searches before the websitesf that belong to your competition. Brand recognition is important to potential customers and they are more likely to pick you if your website is at the top of the first page of hits for Google searches than they are if they are at the bottom or even worse, on the second or a higher page.

Local Search
There is a difference between a standard informational search and what’s known as a local search. According to Google (at the beginning of 2020) 46% of searches have a local intent.

This means that when potential customers are searching for a particular service or product, they use either a geographical location such as, “best electrician in Hollywood, Florida” or with such queries as “electricians near me”. And while more and more people are gaining the knowledge to do good enough SEO and authority in order to rank for queries such as, “how to get a broken lightbulb out of a socket” or “how to change an electrical outlet” for standard information searches- but local searches, that tend to have more purchase intent behind them, are not as easy to figure out the SEO for. Unless you are an SEO guru, there’s a more likely chance that your business will benefit and get onto local search engine results pages (SERPs) with the help of good local SEO services.

Local Pack & You
An integral part of local SEO is getting into the local pack. And while this is nothing like getting into the cool crowd or a party for seniors when you are only a freshman, in the search engine world it kind of is. The local pack or 3-pack is the block of three business listings that appear below the map in the results displayed after a Google search with local intent. If you have a local business, getting into the local pack means more potential customers will come into your digital door, in other words, visit your website.

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