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Local search is more popular than ever and that is why local maps optimization is key to be seen. About 82 percent of users regularly have the “near me” searches and more than a third of those have local intent. Most uses end up visiting a business found in their local search within 48 hours. 

In order to make sure you are showing up in those local searches, you have to optimize your Google profile. It can sound daunting but Matador‌ ‌Solutions,‌ ‌LLC‌‌ is here to help you get the most out of google searches.

Here are a few things you should know though. 

How Google Ranks Search Results 

Google is a complicated beast that is constantly changing its algorithm. When you google something the algorithm checks the index of thousands of sites and gives you a list of websites that match your search. Because this algorithm changes all the time you have to change how you work in your SEO or search engine optimization. 

That is where Matador Solutions comes in. Due to the nature of Google, it figured out that people often want results in their immediate area. That is where local maps optimization comes in. Which means the SEO has to change to fit that. No single person has SEO figured out but what is known is that people want things that are close to them. 

Local searching has been around for years but with the rise in mobile access, the SEO has changed once again. 

What Matters for Local SEO

If you are new to marking your business online one of the challenges is knowing what you should focus your efforts on. Hiring a company is a great place to start as they have the knowledge and skill to help you gain traction. 

You are going to want to have a local landing page. This is where people are going to see what you can do and it will pop up in local searches. You should have your name, address, phone, and SEO optimized title tags, meta description, and content. When it comes to landing on the local search page, there is plenty of work to be done to ensure that you have a spot. 

Additionally having a business listing in Google My Business is a great starter space. This takes in your location and your local SEO rankings. It also allows you to have the chance to have the Google Guarantee checkmark beside your name making you a trusted source of information. All these little steps are what matter for local SEO even if seems like they wouldn’t do much. 

SEO is Always Changing

Sadly, no matter what you do SEO is a growing and always changing thing. It can be hard to keep up with the latest information on local maps optimization. Matador‌ ‌Solutions,‌ ‌LLC‌‌s is here to help you get the most out of google while you keep your business running. If you have found yourself lost in the sea that is SEO don’t hesitate to reach out to us and see how we can help you.



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