Law Firm SEO in the Digital Age



Law Firm Seo

If you have a law firm and do not have a digital presence on the internet or if your website is not attracting the numbers and kinds of clients you want, a company that knows how to do law firm SEO may be just what you need.

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a way to get search engines such as Google to recognize your website as better than your competitors so that potential clients see your law firm before they see your competition.

If you are looking to get more traffic to your website so that more potential clients see it, law firm SEO may be for you.

SEO Marketing

While traditional marketing strategies that use television, print and radio advertisements to get the public’s attention are still relevant, more and more, people are relying on the internet when they are interested in a new service or product. This means that it is getting more and more important to have a strong internet presence with a user friendly website that is easy to find. 

If you are a lawyer, you know how hard the competition amongst other firms in your area is for lawyers who provide the same kinds of services you do. Depending on the location of your office(s) and the kind(s) of law you practice, the competition for cases can be stiff.

When potential clients are looking online for a lawyer, many of them just assume that the top spots on Google are for the best and most popular lawyers who are highly rated. The reality is that when Google “decides” to put a law firm on the first page, it has nothing to do with client, peer or professional reviews and ratings. It has to do with whether or not Google recognizes it as a website that is higher quality than other websites. 

Law firm SEO is becoming more and more important to lawyers who want to stay ahead of the competition and to get potential clients into their digital door (i.e. looking at their website). 

SEO Is Cost Effective

A key advantage to investing a part of your marketing budget in SEO is that SEO is typically much more cost effective than traditional modes of advertising. Many law firms are finding that for just a fraction of what they have been spending in the past, with SEO they get more bang for their buck. 

Not only is SEO cost effective, a good law firm SEO company knows and understands how busy lawyers are and the time constraints they work under. Some of the better SEO companies offer different kinds of plans to meet the needs of different lawyers. Some lawyers have more time than others and/or want more of an input into their marketing plans whereas others just want to know that their marketing company is making sure their website stays at the top of Google searches.

How We Can Help

Our SEO marketing experts have been in the field a long time and know what they are doing. We have over 30 years of experience in this field and retain 95% of our clients, which shows just how satisfied people are when they hire us to help them with marketing their business. We know that your goal is to increase viewership and reach a wider audience, and we know how to do that through correct keyword usage and other prospecting techniques. 

We will take care of marketing so that you can focus on your caseload and law firm. This helps you to make a difference where you are needed, and we will take an extra weight off your shoulders so you can fully put your time into something you care deeply about. 

Our Strategy 

When we create your pages, we like to include a certain amount of popular keywords we know people will be searching for. We also always share what makes you unique and why people should use your firm above another one. Customers will care about factors like having an empathetic lawyer or someone who is available around the clock to help them. We will include details like this in your SEO pages so that people who find your pages see how you stand out. 

We create each page carefully and intentionally so that you get the most out of your content. There is not a “one size fits all” approach to law, so we don’t use that for SEO marketing. We will personalize each page carefully to match your values and your practice. You are welcome to work with us as much or as little as you would like to create the perfect pages for your firm. 

Get Started Today

Get started in SEO marketing with us today so your law firm can reach its maximum potential. By communicating to a larger audience you will be able to gather more customers online, some of which might refer you to friends and family. This gives an enormous opportunity for growth and can really send business skyrocketing. We will be happy to help you so you can begin to help more clients. 

Contact Matador Solutions for Your Law Firm SEO Needs

For all of your marketing needs, contact Matador Solutions, forerunners in the law firm SEO race that can help you be the first law firm to get to the top- the top of the search engine page where potential clients will see you first. This will give you a leg up on the competition and help people think to contact you before your competitors. Contact us today to see what plan would be a good fit for you and we will get started on creating content for you right away. Don’t hesitate — the sooner you start focusing on search engine optimization for your law firm the better.