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lawyer desk with law books and gavelMatador Solutions is a premier search engine optimization company. We specialize in helping lawyers and law firms throughout the United States with their marketing campaigns. Search engine optimization can help law firms take on more cases by leading more clients to landing pages, blog pages, and other forms of legal marketing content. 

Why Blogs Are Important To Any Law Firm Marketing Campaign 

Blogging is an essential tool for any law office or law firm seeking to improve their marketing materials. Some attorneys and firms want to know how much they should update their blogs and add new content to existing blogs. The answer will depend on many different factors, and some factors may be more important during specific times and in specific geographic areas. 

One important factor that affects how much a law firm should update their blog is the practice area in which the firm specializes. Criminal defense practice can change drastically with recent United States Supreme Court opinions, and this practice area may require weekly updates to keep the content reliable and dependable. 

A firm’s geographic area will also play a role in how often a blog should be revised, updated, and expanded. If a firm practices in a rural area their blog may not need to be updated as often as a blog associated with a firm that practices in an urban area. Important state court decisions in populous states such as California, New York, and Texas may influence how often blogs should be updated and revised. 

The demographics of referral sources and clients will also influence the rate at which a firm should update its blog. If potential clients are highly sophisticated users of legal services then the blog content may need to be constantly analyzed and updated. However, if the client base consists of individuals who rarely use attorneys, and who may have never retained an attorney before, it may not be necessary to update the blog content as often. 

Will My Domain Name History Affect Search Engine Optimization Results? 

A domain name’s history may be negative or positive. This history can affect the results of a search engine optimization marketing campaign. Older domain names that have adhered to ethical practices will be more favored by search engines. New domain names may not rank as well as older domain names due to specific elements in Google’s algorithm. 

If you purchase an older domain name you need to investigate the website’s history. If the website was formerly a scam or spam site the page may not perform well under Google’s algorithm. Older domain names that have been used for nefarious purposes will not generate as much traffic as new domain names without any negative history. If you are engaging in a search engine optimization campaign a trusted marketing agency can advise you on the best solutions for your domain name problems. 

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