The Key To Success

A crowdfunding marketing specialist can make all the difference in your fundraising campaign.

Perhaps the single biggest draw of Kickstarter is that anyone can create a fundraiser for many types of projects. However, not every project is successful in meeting its pledge goals, and when that happens the creator is left with nothing. Not everyone realizes that a successful Kickstarter campaign has many aspects, and an important one is marketing. At Matador Solutions we have helped many creators build a successful Kickstarter campaign and reach their funding goals.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a grassroots fundraising tool that is unique in that it allows anyone to raise money for a product.



The product can be almost anything: a film, a book, a game, a kitchen product, etc.



The creator is you—the person who desires to raise funds to develop the product.


Funding Goal

The funding goal is how much money you need in order to create your product.



The backers are those who pledge money to help you meet your funding goal in order to create the product.



The rewards are gifts or freebies or a copy of the product that you give to backers who pledge funds to meet your goal.

What does a Kickstarter project cost?

You may be wondering if you have to pay any costs upfront when you create a Kickstarter fundraising drive. No, you do not. Here is the way Kickstarter works is you determine a funding goal. Then:


  •         If you do not reach that goal within the time period you specify, you do not receive any of the funds that you raised. You also do not pay any fees to Kickstarter. (Pledges are not processed until or unless you reach your funding goal.)
  •         If you do reach that goal then you receive all of the funds minus a 5% fee to Kickstarter. You will also have to pay about 3-5% to Stripe, the company that processes the payments on their behalf.

The Importance of Marketing

No matter how good your project idea is, without a focus on additional marketing, you may not reach your funding goal. Our Matador Solutions Consultants are attuned to what makes a fundraising drive successful. Once your idea is out there in the world we can help it bloom. In fact, we can help you even before you post your project on Kickstarter through our extensive digital marketing experience, we can drum up interest from potential backers well before you are live. With an attractive and compelling story, your consultant can capture the attention of some of the millions of people who visit Kickstarter every week.


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