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Digital Marketing for Attorneys

Digital Marketing for Attorneys

Whether you have an established law practice or have recently passed the bar exam and are just starting out, there are many issues you have to consider and decisions you need to make.

One of those issues is how you are going to attract clients to your firm. What is the best way to let the community know what kind of services your firm provides and what are the best options when it comes to digital marketing for attorneys?

When it came to marketing their law firms and services, in the past, there were limited tools, and those tools provided a limited market. Some of these tools included billboards, Yellow Pages advertising, local newspaper ads, and late-night TV commercials. And while billboards and media advertising are still some options used by law firms, the Yellow Pages is pretty much obsolete. In today’s society, when a person is looking for a prospective attorney, the first place they usually look is on the internet.

If you do an online search of attorneys in your area, you’ll see pages and pages of options. This is why it is critical for law firms to have a phenomenal website in order to stand out from all the firms. Websites are where all digital marketing for attorneys stems from and usually determines how successful all of that marketing is.

A law firm’s website does more than just provide the firm’s contact information and what type of law the attorneys practice. It is really an extension of your firm, providing insight into a prospective client about the attorneys, support staff, and your firm’s philosophy. When it comes to the technical side if it is designed correctly and with optimization, your website can provide a push into search engine result rankings when those people are conducting their search.

Your website should provide a myriad of information for those prospective clients. There should be detailed information about all areas of the law your law firm offers to clients. Some law firms specialize in certain areas, i.e. personal injury, criminal, or family law, while other firms provide boutique services.

Your website should also provide background on the law firm, including bios on each of the firm’s attorneys. These bios should explain each attorney’s educational background, the type of law they practice, and how long they have been practicing.

Many law firm websites also have a blog section that provides articles specific to the area of law the firm practices. For example, a personal injury law firm would have blog posts about vehicle accidents, slip, and fall accidents, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and more. These blog posts do more than just provide information to people looking for information. They are also crucial to the success of the website’s SEO (search engine optimization) which helps push your website up to the top in those internet searches.

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