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Have you figured it out yet? Campaign success, whether on Kickstarter or another platform, is not decided at the time of launch. It’s what occurs before the launch that is so essential. Strategic coordination of direct email, social influencers, brand building, social media, SEM, and SEO is critical. After all, the point isn’t just to reach your goal, it’s to exceed it many times over!

Our team consists of lawyers, MBAs, angel investors, and seasoned marketing experts. And what’s more, if we do back your project, all of our work is on a contingency basis!

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"Thank you Matador Solutions for your great work in building up my business online. The team at Matador Solutions worked on my website and SEO, diligently and effectively while also spending lots of time explaining to me the process and answering all of my questions. They are Prompt, pleasant and professional SEO digital agency. It is refreshing to be working with such transparency and expertise."
jerrald keyser
Client Review