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Finding the Best Local SEO Services

Best Local SEO ServicesIf you are looking for the best local SEO services to get your business more visible in local search results on Google and other search engines, Matador Solutions is here to help you. If your business has a physical location such as a shop or an office, or if it serves a particular geographic area such as a local housekeeping or gardening service, it’s important to be visible in local search results. If you are not, there is a good chance that potential customers and clients are not seeing your website and even worse, there’s a good chance that they are seeing your competition and deciding to give them their business rather than to your business.

Today’s 3-Pack is Yesterday’s 6-Pack
While many people who are getting their bodies into good physical shape and hope that their abdominal muscles will resemble a six-pack of drinks, when it comes to SEO and getting your website into shape, what is most desirable and what you should be striving towards is making it into Google’s 3-pack, also known as its map pack. 

A local SEO 3-pack is the listing of three businesses and a map  in search results for queries that include keywords such as, “near me” or “near [location]” or “near [neighborhood]”. Google generates this list of what it “thinks” is the most relevant businesses to those keywords when searches are conducted for local businesses in the geographic proximity the potential customer is searching.  

If you want to become a part of Google’s 3-pack and if you want your website to show up in searches before those of your competition, getting the best local SEO services involved in your business is a good way to start these things happening. 

Google Rankings
When someone types a keyword phrase into Google’s search engine, it checks the pattern of various website signals, also known as ranking factors, to determine which sites best match their search. While many Google users envision Google bots moving at faster than light speeds in order to gather their search results while they wait but Google is not actually doing a live search of the internet every time someone types something into a search bar. It is actually searching what is called the Google Index, a stored copy of all the sites that Google knows about. 

Google “crawls” the web by using small programs called “spiders” to then form its index. Spiders work the same way. First a spider starts on a single page and then it follows the links on that page and looks at the content on the next pages, and so on. The index is built upon the web content that the spiders crawl and store in Google’s servers. The spiders are what work at mind-blowing speeds and scale as they constantly crawl trillions of pages in order to ensure that Google’s index is as up-to-date as possible and allows new sites and connections to be discovered quickly.

Unless you are naturally inclined to understand Google and its algorithms and have plenty of time on your hands to study them every day and apply them to your website, there’s a good chance that the best local SEO services can give your business the boost it needs to get you visible to more potential customers.

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