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SEO is important, no matter what type of business you are running, however when you are an allergist and you are hoping to get setup with allergist SEO, things can be a little bit tricky. After all, people who are looking to manage their allergies or diagnose an autoimmune disease are going to go to qualified allergists, and usually, if you are not on the first ten Google search results, an online searcher isn’t going to consider you qualified. You can be losing a lot of business.

Another thing that plays into SEO and whether someone will stay on your website or leave it, is how accessible your website is—how nice it looks—how organized it is. Having a website that is easy to navigate and understand is just as important as ranking high in the search results.

How Does SEO Marketing for Allergist Work?

On the first search results page, we see maybe 10 to 12 results that are actually worth looking at—there is no reason to click through to find other articles when what you need is right in front of you, after all. Google has filtered out your question to present you with the best results that answer that question; but just how does Google determine what is the best result to present?

Relevancy, or how relevant a website is to your query is the first thing Google’s algorithm uses to determine what to display to you. You don’t want to see websites that are advertising SEO services when you are searching to learn about SEO.

However, don’t think that Google simply puts the “most relevant pages at the top” because there can be millions of results for a query. The search engines also look at authority—is this content accurate and trustworthy. When Google is looking to see if a page is trustworthy and accurate enough to be a authoritative page on the subject, they look at the number of other pages that link to that website—links from other pages are known as backlinks. The more links a page has, the higher it should rank.

After relevancy and authority, they look at usefulness. Is the content useful? If not, they do not want it at the top of the results. If the content on the website is extremely disorganized, despite having backlinks, and is full of information that the normal person with no degree could not understand, it may not make it to the first search results page.

Why Is It Important?

SEO for an allergist is important because the National Institutes of Health or the NIH, has estimated that roughly around 23.5 million people suffer from autoimmune diseases in the United States alone. And next to that, following in close second, are the 15 million people who suffer from food allergies; 6 million of those are children. Walnuts, shellfish, mold, dust mites, cow milk, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and more, an allergist is an important staple of health in the United States.

You want your clients able to find you, and that is why you should focus on SEO for allergists.



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